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Karelians know firsthand how to conquer the element. And the best proof for that will be the first days of Spring 2017, when on March 1-5 Petrozavodsk will hold the final part of the great wind and snow project “SNOWKITERUSSIA”.

The bravest kiters from all over Russia and from all over the world will try to curb the wind and go through the prepared task. That’s the aim of the international winter “Trans-Onego” (TOKE) kite marathon, which will be held on the Onegolake.


We would like to remind you that “SNOWKITERUSSIA”presents a synergy of three regions: Samara region, Republic ofTatarstan and Karelian Republic which are famous for their kiting schools. “SNOWKITERUSSIA” will start with “Orange mood”, a fan-campaign for the participants. There they will pass 400 km from Tolyatti to Kazan. Tatarstan’s capital will hold a stage of the Russian Cup in snowkiting “Orange Wind” and a festival for the guests of the competition beside the walls of the snow-white Kremlin. After that there will be World Winter Sailing Sports Championship “WISSA-2017” held in Tolyatti on the Zhiguli Sea’s aquatoria, on the background of the Zhigulimountains. The city’s guests and the spectators of the Championship will be able to take part in the festival “Zhigulyovskoe Sea. SnowkiteMaslennitsa”, that will change your view upon Russian traditions and fun.


Petrozavodsk festival “Onego” is going to have the honor to solemnly conclude the event. On March 4-5 2017 on the embankment of Petrozavodsk, the capital of Republic Karelia there will be a great holiday with a lot of surprises, artistic activities of Karelian designers and painters, based on Karelian Epics.


“Trans-Onego” will be a bright culmination of “SNOWKITERUSSIA”, for it will be permeated with the northern spirit of Karelia. Numerous lakes with smooth snowy surface seem to be made for snowkiting! The teams will face a tricky way with a rest in campaign situations, in unpredictable weather conditions, but they will see Onego’s most beautiful and picturesque views! Thus, the participants of the marathon are going to catch the wind in their kites and overcome the cross-country distance of 300 km. The main gravity point for the kiters of “Trans-Onego” will be the wondrous Island of Kizhi with its unique wooden churches and bell-tower and daedal Karelian wood carving, having no equals anywhere in the world. Such a final is permeated with the thoughts that a human can do the impossible and create the incredible and wonderful. And proof to that is a colorful kite, flying above the ancient Kizhi.


Karelia in winter leaves the most truthful memories of a unique northern natural and cultural colorite. The traditional entertainments that make people experience all the charms of winter Karelia are dogsled races, hunting in age-old woods or fishing on the numerous lakes. Now, more than that, you can stand under a kite, catch the wind, shoot forth through Karelian vasts and experience all the emotions at once. And those who prefer to behold can simply admire the daredevils, who master the wind force, and make beautiful photos.

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