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1. In Hawaii it is believed that kite was created by their god Maui. He argued with winds and had nearly died. His huge kite, having fallen by the earth, became the fertile plain.


2. In China kites were used in the 13th century for the military purposes. Historical chronicles demonstrate that some of kites even lifted people in air to observe the opponent.


3. It is known that the biggest kite could lift a cement block weighing 180 kg.


4. There is a term known as "airtime". Airtime this means time spent in flight during a kite jump. Usually it takes 5–10 seconds and may be even more. The record belongs to Eric Ek and equals 39 seconds.


5. The speed record was set up by Sebastian Cattelan. He got the first place in the rating of high-speed riders on the planet. Current record equals 51.46 knots which is about 100 km/h on the water.


6. To kitesurfing, as well as love, all ages are submissive. Luís Gómez is 77 and he is an inveterate kitesurfer. Gómez, who used to be a software engineer, had discovered a kitesurfing for himself when he was 65 and he decided to try the hand.


7. On November 12, 2011, a kitesurfer named RimasKinka had informally beaten the Guinness Book record on the distance passed under the kite within 24 hours.


8. On the territory of CIS, the first kite was brought by Vladimir Bobyliov in 1997. He also owns the idea of creation the first in the history of Russia and Ukraine kitesurfing club named "Snake den" and also the organization of the first training kite-centers.


9. In 2016, 175 snow kiters set Russia record on the frozen water area of the Zhigulyovsk Sea in Togliatti.


10. In 2000, Russian athletes for the first time took part in WISSA-2000 snowkiting World Cup in Finland. For the first time in the history of this sportRusians took all prize-winning places in the kite snowboarding race. The first place took Vladimir Bobylev, the second place - Andrey Karatayev, the third place - Emir Useynov. Andrey Sobetov, the only Russian skier, took the honourable 3rd place and became the bronze medal winner in the kiting ski race.


In 16 years of Russia being presented on WISSA, there are a lot of Russian champions. And for the first time in WISSA history, contrary to traditions, competitions are taking place on the same continent second time in a row.


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