Statement of the

sixth international long-distance snow kite race «Trans-Onego 2017» -

the first stage of the WISSA World Cup 2017 for long distance snow kiting.



Goals and objectives:
 - Promotion and development of the snow kiting;
 - Carrying out stage of the World Cup WISSA Expeditionary Snowkiting on ultra-long distance;
 - Competition, improving skills and the exchange of experiences of participants;
 - promotion of healthy lifestyles.


Implementation of measures for the organization of competitions is assigned to the organizing committee of the "Trans-Onego". Chairman of the org. Committee, Race Master:
Bubnovikov Dmitry;;
+7 921 726 24 08.
The organizing authority, "" "Karelian Sailing Federation Volniy Veter (Free Wind)."
The Chairman: Valery I. Burov; +7 911 401 41 48.


Location: Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lake Onego.


Dates: 01/03/2017 - 05/03/2017.


The format of the competition: 3-day autonomous race with two separate overnight stays in hiking conditions on the ice of Lake Onego for teams of two people transporting racing and camping equipment on their own in full standalone mode for the distance of the planned total length of 250-300 kilometers.
The route is set by the Race Master, with the prior announcement to participants not less than 5 days before the start and final announcement at the organizational meeting of the day before the start.


There are various options depending on the condition of the ice, and other conditions (at the discretion of the Race Master).
Priority option:
- Circuit race in one large circle with a fixed distance.


- Circuit race in several small circles with a total fixed distance;
- Circuit race with a fixed time for a number of small circles with fixation of the distance traveled (Rogaine).


The competition is held only in the team standings. Team members - 2 people. Overall standings for men's, women's and mixed teams. The team should name team’s captain to the Race Master.
In the presence of a sufficient number of women's and mixed teams, the organizers may announce additional credit for this category of teams.


Rules of competition regulated by the sailing instructions and orders of the Race Master.


Admission to the competition:
Each competitor must be familiar with the Regulations of the competition, to carry out the sailing instructions, orders of the Race Master and meet the requirements to participants. Participation in the competition is carried out at the risk and responsibility of the participants.


For admission to the competition, participants must:
- Achieve 17 years of age
- Do not have medical contraindications for participation in these competitions ( at the responsibility of the participants themselves).
- Have experience in Winter multi-day kite trips.
- Each team must present their equipment to representatives of the organizers to verify the completeness according to the list published on the website, and check weighing equipment. Weight of one sled with field equipment, without water, kites, skis, and all that will be on the person during the race, should not be less than 19 kg. Organizers have the right not to allow the team to start in the case of non-compliance of equipment to the list and to the weight, without refund of the entry fee.


The team is allowed to participate upon presentation by each participant in the form issued when checking the equipment, with marks:
1) gear check;
2) the availability of insurance;
3) the existence of declaration of the participant;
4) payment of the entry fee.


Disclaimer: All athletes, coaches, representatives participate in the competition at their own risk. The race committee and the organizing authority does not accept responsibility for the lives and property of the competitors, as well as for any personal injury or property damage to a participant in the competition, or in connection with the competition.


Competitors are required to:
• observe the safety measures (including environmental) and the rules of  behaviour on the ice and in the territory of the venue of the competition;
• follow requirements of persons performing official duties, including attendance at official events, communicating with the sponsors of the competition;
• allow to attach to the equipment or clothes the advertising materials which are not creating inconvenience to movement, at the request of the organizers.
• behave in a way that does not violate generally accepted rules of conduct and the legislation of the Russian Federation.


Competition program:
date - place - time – event


01.03.2017 (Wed) - Hotel "Onego Palace" *
10.00 - 14.00 - Check equipment. Register of the teams, admission for participation, receiving sleeve numbers.
16.00 - Organizational meeting in English.
17.00 - Organizational meeting in Russian.
The attendance of all participants at the meeting is required. In case of absence at the meeting, the Race Master has the right not to allow the team to participate, without refund of the entry fee.
18.00 - Opening ceremony. Joint dinner.

02.03.2017 (Thu) - embankment of Lake Onego in Petrozavodsk hotel "Onego Palace"
08.00 - Opening of the launch/start zone. Before going out on the ice, at the point designated by the Race Master at the org. meeting, each team of two should be registered by the representative of the Org Committee and to be photographed.
10.00 – Start line opened.
10.30 - Start line closed.
11.00 - The launch/start zone is closed.
If a team does not start the race, it must also register the exit from the race on the same registration point before 11.00. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, the team will be disqualified to participate in "Trans-Onego" in the coming years.
- 22.00 - race stop for the night.


03.03.2016 (Fri)
- 06.00 - continuation of the race;
- 22.00 - race stop for the night.


04/03/2016 (Sat)
- 06.00 - continuation of the race;
- 18.00 - Closing of the sailing window, the race control time, positioning and fixation non-finished teams, gathering at the designated by the Race Master points for delivery to the finish line.


During the day it may be a chance race committee to organize the unofficial fun race for the willing early finished participants.


05.03.2016 (Sun) - Hotel "Onego Palace" - 10.00 - award ceremony.
From 11.00 Party time.

* The organizing committee reserves the right to make the following changes:
- Venue;
- Regulation (within the specified dates);
- Cancellation of the competition in the event of non-compliance of the ice with the safety requirements without the right to any claims on the part of participants and others.


All changes will be communicated to the parties who have submitted an application in due time, with the message to the email address specified in the application.


Application for participation:
Registration is open on the site, until February 25, 2017
In case of pre-registration and payment before 15 January 2017 the entry fee is 3000 rubles.
For participants who have applied or paid after January 15, 2017, the entry fee is 3500 rubles.


At refusal of an athlete to participate in the competition entry fee is not refundable.
The entry fee is to cover the costs for the organization of competitions, cultural program and transportation for non-finished teams from the points designated by the the Race Master.


To be paid separately by participants to the org. Committee:
- Additional transport (on request of participants);
- Accommodation before the start and after the finish when booking rooms in the hotel, on the basis of which will be carried out organizational activities, with a discount provided by the hotel for the org. Committee of the Trans-Onego (to be announced).


The ways of the entry fee payment will be announced to the email address specified by the participant in the entry form.


Additional Information.
Official website of the Trans-Onega -


This Statement is an official call on competition.

+7 927 261 38 98 - Eugenia Kotlyarova
+ 7 927 771 46 48 - Angela Manylova